Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mobile Site Generator

w/ Chad Haefele

The Mobile Site Generator is designed to flatten the learning curve for web developers new to the mobile world. Using the iUI framework, the MSG provides custom HTML code which establishes the navigational structure and basic page format for a mobile site. This webinar will show how to set up and use the MSG, and demonstrate how to add content to the generated site. Future plans for and limitations of the MSG will also be discussed.

- Chad Haefele is currently Reference Librarian for Emerging Technologies at UNC Chapel Hill. He serves in an advisory role to projects throughout campus involving new technologies. His current areas of interest at the moment are eBooks, mobile devices, gaming in education, and location-based services. He is the author of the Mobile Site Generator. He also writes a blog, Hidden Peanuts, where he shares news and views of leading-edge technologies.