Monday, April 13, 2009

Library Toolbars with Jen Holman and Anne Zarinnia

Thursday April 16th, 2009, 2:00 - 3:00 pm, Central Time

Join us for this sure to be interesting last session in this Spring 2009 series of Webinars.

Browser integrated library toolbars enable users to access library data and services from anywhere on the web. We’ll explain why you might want to try a toolbar, show features of two different toolbars - LibX and Conduit - and show you how to create your own toolbar.

Information on LibX can be found at:

Information on Conduit can be found at:

Jen Holman is Periodicals Librarian at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse’s Murphy Library. She currently serves as the library’s web team leader and enjoys learning about and developing new tools that expand the reach of library services.

Anne Zarinnia is an Associate Professor at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. She teaches Reference, Cataloging, Virtual Libraries and Advanced Design, and looks for strategies to engage students with information.

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The recordings of the Fall 2008 series and this current Spring 2009 series are still available and can be registered for and viewed by you and your institution colleagues at any time up to a year after the session date. See the series blog for information on past webinars by speakers such as:
John Blyberg, Mark Beatty, Karen Coombs, Cindy Cunningham, Jenny Schmidt, Ingrid Lebolt, Jen Holman, Anne Zarinnia, Casey Bisson, Evette Atkin, Cary Gordon, Tasha Saecker, Darci Hanning, and Katie Rose

When you've got a need for that library technology fix over the summer, why not come to Madison for the Shorts and Hawaiian Shirt conference: WiLSWorld. Beer, Brats and WiFI, by the UW-Madison Union Terrace, by the Lake. Featuring keynoters Joan Frye Williams and Karen Schneider. We'll run our next webinar series in Fall 2009. Look for announcements about all these events and check the WiLS web site at:

Monday, April 6, 2009

LibraryThing for Libraries with Jenny Schmidt and Ingrid Lebolt

Thursday April 9th, 2009, 2:00 - 3:00 pm, Central Time

LibraryThing for Libraries (LTFL) is a for-fee service that allows libraries to enrich their web catalogs with 2.0 features using data from the public LibraryThing database of 30 million records. We'll explain how LTFL works and detail the process of implementing LTFL features into your library's catalog (Web Opac). LTFL features work with all major ILS vendors including some open source products. Implementation requires little technical know-how and the result is a more user-friendly catalog experience for patrons. Learn more about adding tags, recommendations, reviews, and ratings for print materials in your catalog. We'll also touch on some newer features available from LTFL including book covers and blog widgets.

Information on LibraryThing for Libraries can be found at:

Jenny Schmidt works as the Staff Support Librarian for the SWITCH Library Consortium office located within the Cardinal Stritch University library in Milwaukee (WI). SWITCH, a consortium of eight academic libraries,
operates an integrated library automation system with a shared catalog, oversees an inter-campus delivery service, and provides staff training for its members.

Ingrid Lebolt is the User Advocate at Arlington Heights Memorial Library, Illinois. Ingrid Lebolt’s Specialties include Video blogging to enhance website content and LibraryThing for Libraries implementation.

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

See LTFL in Action

List of LTFL Members
* 109 libraries have 'catalog' package implemented
* 25 libs have the 'review' package installed

Some libs implement both packages and hand pick which features they want (up to 6 total). Academic libraries may not be as into reviews and ratings as public libs (but not necessarily).

A couple to look at:
Seattle PL (Horizon)
Includes catalog features and ratings/reviews. There are two ways to access the reviews on the left.. one consists of a neat-o red/black image.

NOTE: For the most part, LTFL features keep patrons in your catalog or, in the case of tags and the "similar books" feature, patrons are linked to other titles in your own catalog. However, some libraries set up their reviews to go back to the LibraryThing site. (See the above Seattle PL example with the LT chiclet image near the bottom left).

Mount Laurel (Horizon)
Includes Reviews, Rating and Catalog features
NOTE: Some libraries let anyone create an account and add ratings/reviews..others allow only library patrons to add reviews/ratings. Reviews also come from LT members. Those coming from patrons/public via the catalog are monitored by library staff before they go up.

SWITCH Library Consortium Catalog (Innovative)
Includes catalog features and limited book covers

How LTFL Works

What do you get as a LTFL member?
LTFL offers two enhancement packages (Catalog and Reviews) with different installations. The Reviews package came out more recently at the end of 2008.

LTFL Configuration involves two parts
PART 1. THINGS DONE ONCE (get an account, read installation wiki page for your ILS, turn on/configure 2.0 features in LTFL, add small amount of code to your catalog/html page).

PART 2. PERIODICALLY UPLOAD RECORDS TO LTFL & CHECK STATS. To maintain the features in your catalog, you'll need to periodically export catalog records with a 10 or 13 ISBN from your ILS and upload them as a batch (text files) to your LTFL results.