Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Library H3lp - March 18th, 2010

w/ Cindi Trainor and Steve Frye

This presentation will provide an overview of Library H3lp as well as how Library H3lp was implemented at both Eastern Kentucky University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Library H3lp is an integrated web chat/IM platform written specifically by a librarian (and her husband) for libraries. Library H3lp routes all Web-chat, instant messaging, and SMS calls through Library H3lp and then directs those calls to specific librarians, library services, or libraries through the use of queues. Library H3lp allows the creation of queue 'failover' - allowing calls to be redirected from queues that are not being staffed to other queues. Along the way we'll cover transferring calls, staffing issues, the use of JING, assessment issues, and the use of Google voice in providing an SMS/texting service via LibraryH3lp.

- Cindi Trainor is the Coordinator for Library Technology and Data Services at Eastern Kentucky University, a division of five library staff who manage and support library computers and systems. She also blogs for ALA Tech Source and is active member of LITA.
- Cindy Judd is an Associate University Librarian at
Eastern Kentucky University. She serves in the Learning Resources Center providing reference and instruction to the College of Education students and faculty. She headed up the committee that started Instant Messaging at EKU several years ago.
- Steve Frye is a Senior Academic Librarian at the
University of Wisconsin-Madison. He manages both campus-wide reference services and information services at the undergraduate library. He has been involved with providing assistance via chat and IM since 2002.
- Pete Boguszewski is a Library Systems Administrator at
UW-Madison Library Technology Group. He is a member of the team responsible for choosing and implementing LibraryH3lp on the UW-Madison campus. He has been involved with implementing three different Chat/IM services since 2002.

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