Friday, February 20, 2009

New Spring Series, New Name

We've just about finalized the line up for upcoming Spring 2009 series of Webinars. You might have also noticed that we have a new series name.  We hope it better reflects the range of topics we covered in our webinars.  The new name is:

We think we've put together quite a good series and hope you'll enjoy them too.  See the initial line up in the block on the left. The deal is the same as last fall.  To offset expenses for the webinar system we are charging $25 per registration. Single registrations can be used for a whole library, as long as you view the session together using one web connection and one phone connection.  This is in large part a way of allowing us to provide webinars to more people using less webinar resources.  If you want to project it and use a speaker phone we think that's a good idea and the shared experience with your colleagues will make the webinars even better. 
In addition each webinar registration gets you access to the recording of that session. Recordings are accessible at any time, for groups or individuals, and will be available for up to a year after the live presentation.  

You can register for individual webinars at $25 each or for the entire series for $100.  That's like getting 2 webinars for free.  You can also register for a recording after the live presentation or for the whole series after it starts and you will receive the codes to access the recordings.

If you have any questions about the webinar series don't hesitate to contact me at: or phone 608.265.5719


Barbara said...

March webinars aren't showing up on the registration form.

Mark Beatty said...

The new series registration form is now up and live and properly linked. Looked for broadcast announcements later today. Thanks.